Statement Golden Feather Necklace


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Sometimes, we like to escape the drudgery of real life and take flight on the back of a powerful Golden Phoenix. We swoop over mountains and valleys, dance among clouds and party with mystical beasts till dawn. And when it’s all over, we pluck a golden feather as a memento – to remind us of the true power and strength we hold in our hearts.

Or, maybe it’s the glue in the workshop.

Rise from the flames of the humdrum and tap into the power of mythical creatures, legends and ancient rituals with our Golden Feathers* collection. Inspired by stories, nature and the human spirit this collection symbolises light and life – a much needed boost for these dark times.

The Golden Feathers Collection is perfect for anyone with adventure and spirit in their heart.

This necklace is made from etched brushed gold acrylic on a matte black baseplate and is hung on 2mm rubber cord with silver plated findings. It will arrive packed in a beautiful, eco friendly Makery branded gift box.

* No Golden Phoenixes were harmed in the making of this jewellery


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